Is your dog’s shedding driving you crazy?

We all know how bad it is to leave your house with a coat of your dog’s fur all over your clothes. But did you know you could minimize a lot of your pet’s shedding? Follow these easy steps to minimize your dog’s shedding.

1. Feed them high quality food and nutrients.


Not only will feeding your dog the right diet and nutrients help their overall health, it will also help to reduce their shedding. Feed them quality protein and fats from dog food that is “human-grade.” Most budget dog foods are made with “feed-grade” ingredients, meaning that it is absolutely not for human consumption. Our furry friends don’t need food that has these unnatural chemicals and fillers. We recommend Canidae Dry Dog Food. They have high quality ingredients with a budget friendly price point.

2. Add a fatty acid supplement

Fatty acids support your pet’s coat, heart and immune system. These wonder supplements work to keep your pet’s coat moisturized and healthy. Without enough omega fatty acids in their diet, pets fur often becomes dry and brittle, causing more shedding and itching. Try Grizzly’s All-Natural Supplement



3. Stick to a grooming schedule

After making the necessary diet changes at home, stick to a grooming schedule to further reduce your pets shedding. Different types of dogs’ require different grooming schedules. For instance, a longer furred dog will require more grooming than a short-haired dog. We can help you in this area! Contact our pet groomer in Pasadena tx to schedule an appointment.

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Preventing a Flea Infestation

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