Spencer Pet Salon

Bring your loving pet to experience the difference


Spencer Pet Salon does dog & cat grooming exclusively, lovingly and with unmatched expertise. Caring for animals is not what we do, it is who we are. But even though we specialize in pet grooming, we know how to pamper people too! We have been servicing our clients and their owners in Pasadena for over 30 years.

Bring your loving pet to experience the difference.

Our Philosophy

We offer the service we want our own pets to experience with a focus on pet safety and relaxation. All grooming is done where everyone can see and feel comfortable that their pet is getting professional, loving care. We pride ourselves in the cleanness of our equipment and insuring a bacteria free atmosphere. Our groomers have over 30 years’ experience. Each service includes a consultation with the actual groomer that will care for your pet. It will include a teeth and gum evaluation during bathing. We will discuss options such as what shampoo will best fit your pet’s needs and what style of clip would best suite your pet and you. Spencer Pet Salon is dedicated to your satisfaction. Our goal is to give you what you want. We have fun-so will your pet. Make your appointment today!


Taking Care Of Your Animals Is Not What We Do, It Is Who We Are

Spencer Pet Salon

5022 Spencer Highway
Pasadena, TX 77505
(next to donkey mexican restraunt between Pansy and Preston)
We are open from Tuesday through Saturday




*Consultation with your groomer based on your dog’s coat and your input, what is the best shampoo for your dog’s health and look. We offer several different types of shampoos including Oatmeal, Hypoallergenic, Flea, Whitening, and others all designed to create a healthy and beautiful dog. Your groomer works with you to decide what type of style will work for your dog and yourself.

*Pets are housed in a safe environment

*Brush out & pre-bath trim

 Dogs are brushed, Pads, feet, and hygiene areas are trimmed.

*Ears and eyes are cleaned and glands are expressed

Ears are plucked (if needed) and cleansed with natural cleaning solution, eyes are wiped with cleaning pads.

*Nails are clipped. (Filing is available for extra charge)

*Dried and brushed again

All dogs are fluffed and blow-dried by hand

*Teeth Brushing

Keeps your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh.  While we are able to inspect the teeth and gums. Evaluation of your dog’s teeth and gums indicates a lot about your dog’s health


We specialize in AKC clips for your Pedigree and creative styles for your mixed breed. Most important we create what you want

*Bow and Bandanas and Perfume

We love to add this special addition! This is one of our free extras!

*Post groom

When you pick up your pet, your groomer will discuss any problems that may need to be brought to your attention such as hot spots, dry skin, fleas etc.



15 minute deep muscle massage by a professional therapist. Great for older or special needs pets.

Treat your pet. $15.00 per 15 minutes.



“I have always enjoyed this place and I would totally recommend it. The price is right and the service is fast and great!!”

Diana C.

“Thanks Patty for loving pets and working with Bailey! You are fantastic! Love your shop and all your beautiful things.”

Linda C.


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